Well, we are the first to bring our Juju hat specialist skills to the UK, partly because it's our native home but also because we believe our style compliments our fellow quirky British people.
Well, we don't solely offer Juju hats, we have much more to offer your beautiful homes and loved ones as gifts. We specialise exclusively in Cameroonian crafts and treasures like Namji dolls, traditional jewels, decorative objects, beaded necklaces, etc.Most importantly, we also live and work in Cameroon. This enables us to have direct contact with our amazing team of skilled artisans bringing you the best products directly from the source . Our customers satisfaction is pivotal to our service and we therefore guarantee the quality assurance of your order.You should also know that we are committed to giving back to Cameroon, not just in sustaining the craftmanship of our team, but in giving back to those in need here in Cameroon. Read more about our charity work here.
Check out our detailed and nifty 'how to juju' page to learn exactly how to care for your juju on arrival. To summarise;

  • Keep your Juju hats out of direct sunlight
  • Lightly mist them every quarter with moth or insect spray
  • Lovingly stare at them time to time for ultimate abundance!
Care instructions are also provided with every shipment.
Each of our products are intricately handmade by individual artisans, made to order especially for you. A Juju Hat itself can take up to 2-3 days to complete - depending on the size and quantity. We use the two weeks mark as a safety net to assure you the best quality product from our team. And as they say, all good things come to those who wait!
Why yes of course! We ship our orders via a reputable and reliable courier here in Cameroon. The safe and speedy arrival of your package is important to us. That's why we deliver using fast track! With this you'll also receive a tracking number as you eagerly await your product!
While our primary audience is in Great Britain, we work directly from Cameroon allowing us to indeed ship worldwide.
Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity and size of your order. Customers outwith the UK will have a different cost altogether. Luckily we do the calculations for you at the checkout!Look out for promotions on delivery costs by keeping up with Mukala.
Yes, we are very open to wholesale orders to stores, interior designers and home stagers. We can also help you source other Cameroonian crafts straight from the country itself. Please contact us directly for more information.
Not yet! But that is the ultimate goal. In the meantime, we are available to independent retail stores and will organise some market and event appearances for you all to meet us in the flesh! Be sure to 'keep up with mukala'.
All Mukala orders are custom made so unless they are faulty we do not accept returns.
Yes! All of our products are bespoke so please get in touch for anything specific.