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At the heart of Mukala is the desire to give back. That’s why first and foremost we work with talented artisans promoting fair trade and helping to sustain their craft. Life in Cameroon is particularly difficult as they don’t have government aid, so our partnership relationships alone help to feed many families. Horray !

What’s more, for every Juju hat purchase made, we are committed to giving back to Cameroonian children and young adults in need. School fees, health care and basic products are often taken for granted, but sadly for many having these basic rights are not guaranteed.

Now choosing a charity isn’t easy ! But the welcome in this particular service is so warm it makes you want to stay. Say hello to these happy chappies !

The agape centre is currently a home to 17 boys under the age of 18 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Hosted by 3 amazing staff, the boys receive shelter, support, guidance, education and a hot meal per day all completely financed by donations. While the boys aren’t classed as orphans, their lives outside of the centre are chaotic and often forced to earn money than go to school. As you can imagine, many of them are made homeless and join the service illiterate.

But despite these large challenges, the staff are devoted to the personal development of the boys 24-7. The centre is small and equipped with just the basics but it seems to have a real family vibe.

The service runs completely on external donations much of which are inconsistant. Food and running costs can quickly run out and therefore soap and toothpaste are considered luxury items. At the start of each year, they reach out to previous donators in the hopes of finding education sponsors for the boys allowing them to go to school. In exchange, the boys must attend school and get good grades which is their main objective themselves. Our overall impression ? A vital service for the most driven boys who want to make their world a better place – and we’re with them !

So far, we have given our time in building relationships with the boys and helped with their english homework. We donated some everyday basics including rice, pasta, notebooks for school, soap and toothpaste. We also donated oil which enables them to cook their own plantain chips and sell them locally after school to raise further funds for the service.

So get used to these friendly faces as we hope to enter a long term plan helping where we can, blogging along the way.

Compelled to help ? Contact us directly for more information.

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