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The Wedding Gift Guide

Hello gorgeous people ! Well, it’s here. Wedding season is officially upon us and there’s nothing worse than having no inspiration for what to buy the happy couple – is there? No longer are the days where we gift pots and pans, a voucher can seem somewhat impersonal and champagne is given by almost everybody […]

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Manfesting Marvels

Guys and Gals, if you haven’t read our Juju Hats blog, then you might not know that our collection comes with a very colourful history. You see, all of our products are made in the West of Cameroon by rural African tribes. You know that saying…your vibe attracts your tribe ? Well actually, it’s kind […]

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JuJu Hats

Here at Mukala you might see the words ‘abundance’ and ‘manifest’ pop up a lot. And the reason why is not only authentic but inspiring. You see, not only are we home to amazing African art and home decor. In fact each of our items come from a historical background which is still celebrated today. […]

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The classic white Juju

The fairest Juju of them all ? Juju Juju on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ? Well, perhaps it’s our classic white ‘Fertility’ hat ! It’s certainly the most searched for hat on the net when it comes to Juju’s and a very popular choice on our website too ! With […]

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Quality no matter the quantity

There’s that old saying, quality over quantity but we like to disagree when it comes to our home collection. No matter how small or large your order we promise to bring you beautiful, authentic pieces of art with a high finish. That includes you lovely wholesalers ! Each of our products are made to order […]

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